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solution for Russia
It's a must have
Russia is one of the largest crypto markets in the world (20-40% roughly) and the biggest local community on
It's the centre for a huge miner pool, the best blockchain specialists and a craze for ICOs. We do everything to make this country fund your project.
We offer a one pack offer to get you recognition, fame and contributions from Russian investors.

1. Translation of website/WP/news to Russian
2. An official account in VK (100 mln active users a month) and ads there for crypto community.
3. Bitcointalk thread in Russian and management.
4. Telegram chat and management. And it's promotion.
5. Running an Ad Campaign in Russian Google - Yandex
6. Russian PR. News - tech and crypto websites. Youtubers, bloggers and raitings.
7. Support in receiving contributions in Rubles. This raises the conversion 3-10x.
Starts at 0.9 BTC, but depends on each project.
Strong team of crypto enthusiasts and advisors that helped raise more than 35mln$. We are mostly from digital advertising and financial backgrounds.

At the moment we are working with a few major ICOs.
Our Regional partners are KR Token in Korea and China Token in China.
Let's get you on the Russian market!
Our team has people that have successfully managed all the marketing in different ICOs so a talk with us will be useful anyway.
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